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Health Care, Hygiene

To be used in case of insect stings, scaling of the skin, and irritation and swelling of the legs of birds.After cleaning the area involved, the cream is applied by gently massaging the skin to promote absorption...
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Besides being rich in calcium (34%), the cuttlefish bone is necessary for the cleaning and accurate sharpening of the birds beaks...
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Grass for growing at home, which helps to eliminate swallowed hair, thereby preventing possible intestinal blockageCats love to eat certain fresh grasses that often help improve the functioning of their immune system. When swallowed hair from cleaning causes irritation to the stomach mucosae, fresh ..
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Amino acid-enriched multivitamin supplement for fortifying the diet of cage, aviary and other birds. Useful at times when there is a greater demand for vitamins (stress from travel, showing, vaccinations, etc.).COMPOSITIONdextroseglucose4-5 ml per kg of complete feed or liter of water (equal to..
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Multivitamin supplement rich in vitamin E, also known as the fertility vitamin, useful during the animals’ mating season.METHOD OF USE.Thoroughly mix in 2 ml of product per kg of complete feed or litre of drinking water (equal to about 4-5 drops per average water-dish/100 ml), for 10-15 days before ..
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