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Lamp & Lighting

Model: 3M Ambilight
3M Ambilight Led Fantasy ColorIt changes as the color of the screen changes..
USD 150.00
Ex Tax:$40.80
Model: 5M Ambilight
5M Ambilight Led Fantasy ColorIt changes as the color of the screen changes..
USD 173.00
Ex Tax:$47.06
Model: Cololight Pro
Cololight Pro - Smart LED Light Panels Colour Changing Mood Lighting with RGB Colours..
USD 288.00
Ex Tax:$78.34
Model: Color light
Color Changing Light With Music Rhythm..
USD 610.00
Ex Tax:$165.92
Model: Decorate lighting
Decorate your home with lighting projector - Watch your home come alive – such beat full sight1.Includes 12 Full Color Slides 2.Slide speed control, slide input, & Start/stop motion 3.Includes lawn stake and indoor base 4.Covers your home in lots of moving shapes instantly 5.Covers every..
USD 450.00
Ex Tax:$122.40
Model: Hikare Wall Lamp
A masterpiece of decor, blending minimalist style with modern and innovative lighting. Explore millions of possibilities, create endless ambiences. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.1+ million colours330+ multicolour effectsStop/start pause functionIncrease/decrease speed of running multicolour ..
USD 322.00
Ex Tax:$87.58
Model: Kona Floor Lamp
Minimalist Home Decor + Beautiful Lighting + Chill Vibes = Kona Floor LampInspired by true Japanese minimalism the Kona Floor Lamp is an iconic in design and aesthetics. A unique and innovative design combined with flawless modern lighting.More a piece of art than a lamp. Light up your space be..
USD 210.00
Ex Tax:$57.12
Model: light
Latest Smart Hanging Lights..
USD 55.00
Ex Tax:$14.96
Model: Cololight
LifeSmart Cololight 30 Led Strip..
USD 161.00
Ex Tax:$43.79
Model: Cololight
LifeSmart Cololight 60 Led Strip..
USD 196.00
Ex Tax:$53.31
Model: light
Smart Room Lighting..
USD 0.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: SOLAR LED LIGHTS---The LED solar ground light
1 Set/ 4 Pcs ★SOLAR LED LIGHTS---The LED solar ground light is made of 8LED lights, using the most modern, energy-saving and super bright LED. ★WATERPROOF AND HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL---Made of stainless steel and plastic, waterproof and durable design makes it suitable for outdoor use. ★DE..
USD 260.00
Ex Tax:$70.72
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