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3D Printers

The manufacturers themselves are entering the market created by third parties, duplicating the entire process created by them from refill bottles to external ink tank systems, reservoirs that feed ink to the print head and capable of holding large quantities of ink.

The external ink tank system is not something new, third party manufacturers have been modifying original equipment inkjet printers to use their ink tank system and selling this on to the consumers.

Now it seems the original equipment manufacturers are making these legit. The complete inkjet printer with ink feed system allow consumers to produce huge amounts of prints without the need to replace the cartridges.

When the refillable ink tanks are low, simply refilled it with supplied ink from convenient bottles. Typically these ink tanks can churn out up 6000 to 7000 pages from a single refill. High volume ink tank printers can produce over 10,000 pages in black and white and again over 10,000 pages in colour. That’s a total of over 20,000 pages. Compare this to conventional cartridges, which are only good for 300 to 1000 pages if you are lucky.

  • Hot metal typesetting: 1884
  • Inkjet printing: 1860
  • Laser printing: 1969
  • Solid ink printing: 1986
  • Dot matrix printing: 1925
  • Printing press: c. 1440
  • Rotary press: 1843 

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