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Are you one who loves to use a number of peripherals and add-on devices with your computer? Do you want to organize them well to make your workstation look neat? Choose from a vast collection of USB hubs -from the most trusted names in the field of IT and computer accessories such as Belkin, Amkette, Enter, iBall, Quantum and more. You just name it, we have everything in store for you, that too, at the most compelling price ever.


Use USB Hubs and Increase Workplace Productivity

A USB hub lets you connect multiple devices like printer, pen drive, mouse, webcam, microphone or various networking devices with your desktop or laptop computer in an organized manner. Most of us find it really difficult to manage our necessary peripherals as computer manufacturers normally ship their products with only a few numbers of USB ports. But in today’s fast evolving era, who wants to compromise on performance when possibilities are immense. A USB hub allows you to fully utilize the advantages of each add-on device or computer peripheral without having to compromise on anything. No matter how many devices you use, USB drives are capable of managing all without any hassles. Just by connecting the USB hub to any of your computer’s existing USB ports, you can create more space for your devices which can then be easily connected. Once connected, all the devices work seamlessly thus letting you get the optimum output from each one of these.

Enjoy Fast and Secure Data Transfer Speed

Be it 4 or 7 ports, 10 or 13 ports, we have all the high-quality USB hubs available on our site for you. They are made of safe and durable materials and are good to be used at homes and offices. Dubai, UAE takes great pride to offer you the best in class hubs with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 speed specifications. And the best part is we always keep on updating our product inventory so as to offer you the best and latest in technology.

Whether you use a pen drive or an external hard disk, our USB 3.0 hubs ensure that you never face any issues regarding speed. Data transfer is really fast regardless of whether you copy or move music, movies, documents etc. The lightweight and user-friendly hubs come with Plug and Play feature, so they are good to go just anywhere. By simply connecting a hub with your PC, you are all on course to perform the way you like. There are also some hubs which run on external power supply for blazing fast data transfer for multiple devices simultaneously. You will also find hubs with Smart Charging feature that lets you charge smartphones, tablets and other USB enabled devices effortlessly.

Practically speaking, while searching for USB drives online, opt for one which has the greater number of ports attached to it. It will definitely help you to add and utilize a greater number of add-on devices for enhanced productivity. Most USB hubs work with all popular operating systems. But try to read the fine prints before settling down for one. Today, a major number of USB 3.0 hubs come with backward compatibility features. So, go for one that can support all speed specifications including USB 2.0 and USB 1.0.

Shop USB Hubs on Avail Great Deals

On, Dubai, UAE you can shop affordable USB hubs from brands like Belkin, Amkette, TREND net, Enter, Targus, Transcend, Sabrent, iBall, Quantum, Gear Head and more. They are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can zero in on one as per your requirement and budget. Buying USB hub online makes a lot of sense as believes in giving you the best rate and quality of service on everything you buy. What’s more, you will get multiple payment options that suits your preference well.

With the increasing demand for USB connectivity, most computer users surely have experienced a shortage of USB ports. Hence, Targus has developed a unique line of Travel Hubs that combine practical functionality with ease of use.

This Travel Hub + Ethernet Cable is a useful companion for the modern executive. It contains a 4 port High speed USB 2.0 Hub along with a retractable RJ45 Cat5 Ethernet cable. The unique design allows you to detach the hub with the retractable Ethernet cable and use them as two separate products. You can re-attach them any time for easy storage and travel. This is a complete solution for the modern executive.

Model: HYD-9893T
Small and portable,20cm cable length is perfectly for IPad Pro,3.5mm audio jack can support to connect earphone..
Ex Tax:$8.98
Model: HYD-9822T
1.Type-C port can support 87W PD Charging and data transfer,you can connect with your power adapter to charge your laptop or mobile phone,and also support to use with Type-C U disk for data transfer2.USB3.0 can support up to 640MB/s data transfer speed.,and USB2.0 port you can connect your keyboard ..
Ex Tax:$11.15
Model: HYD-9868T
1.HDMI and VGA can output the same display at the same time.2.9868T has five USB Type-A ports,it can support to connect mouse,keyboard,U disk,SSD and mobile phone together,and also 13 ports can work at the same time..
Ex Tax:$22.58
Model: HYD-9837T
1.HDMI and VGA can output the same display at the same time.2.9837T uses the heat-disspation hole to reduce the surface temperture ...
Ex Tax:$10.61
Model: HYD-9018H
both of them have 4 USB3.0 ports,and can support to connect your keyboard,mouse,U disk and SSD at the same time...
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: HYD-9070T
9018H has USB Type-A male port and 9070T has USB Type-C male port,can support different devices..
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: Lention Adapter
USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter ( With USB-A + HDMI + Card Reader + Gigabit Ethernet + 3.5mm audio + Power Delivery )..
Ex Tax:$57.94
Model: Type-C Adapter
Type-C AdapterLention C51HV USB-C to HDMI and VGA Adapter..
Ex Tax:$23.66
Model: Type-C Adapter
Type-C AdapterLention C68 USB-C Digital AV Multiport Hub with 4K HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 ports, SD Card Reader, Gigabit Ethernet and power Delivery..
Ex Tax:$59.57
Model: Type-C Adapter
Type-C AdapterLention CS65 Adapter, USB-C to Thunderbelt 3 (PD) + USB 3.1 Gen1 (USB-C Data) + USB 3.0 *2 + HDMI 4K30Hz + RJ45(1000M)..
Ex Tax:$50.05
Model: Usb-c Adapter
USB-C to USB 3.0 +  HDMI (4K 30 Hz) + 3.5mm Audio (48kHz, 16 bit) + SD/ TF ( Reader 3/0) + PD 3.0 (Data)..
Ex Tax:$37.54
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