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Computer Accessories

Model: HYD-9893T
Small and portable,20cm cable length is perfectly for IPad Pro,3.5mm audio jack can support to connect earphone..
USD 33.00
Ex Tax:$8.98
Model: HYD-9822T
1.Type-C port can support 87W PD Charging and data transfer,you can connect with your power adapter to charge your laptop or mobile phone,and also support to use with Type-C U disk for data transfer2.USB3.0 can support up to 640MB/s data transfer speed.,and USB2.0 port you can connect your keyboard ..
USD 41.00
Ex Tax:$11.15
Model: HYD-9868T
1.HDMI and VGA can output the same display at the same time.2.9868T has five USB Type-A ports,it can support to connect mouse,keyboard,U disk,SSD and mobile phone together,and also 13 ports can work at the same time..
USD 83.00
Ex Tax:$22.58
Model: HYD-9837T
1.HDMI and VGA can output the same display at the same time.2.9837T uses the heat-disspation hole to reduce the surface temperture ...
USD 39.00
Ex Tax:$10.61
Model: HYD-9018H
both of them have 4 USB3.0 ports,and can support to connect your keyboard,mouse,U disk and SSD at the same time...
USD 30.00
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: HYD-9070T
9018H has USB Type-A male port and 9070T has USB Type-C male port,can support different devices..
USD 30.00
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: Adjustable
Laptop Stand Table, Adjust in 360 degree Highlights Multi-Functional portable desk is portable and easy to assemble..
USD 81.00
Ex Tax:$22.03
Model: Arctic
USD 29.00
Ex Tax:$7.89
Model: Arctic Thermal
ARCTIC THERMAL PAD 145*145*0.5..
USD 58.00
Ex Tax:$15.78
Model: Arctic Thermal
ARCTIC THERMAL PAD 145*145*1.5..
USD 110.00
Ex Tax:$29.92
Model: Asus Mb B460
USD 575.00
Ex Tax:$156.40
Model: Asus Mb Prime
USD 1380.00
Ex Tax:$375.36
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