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Health Care

Model: mask
Anti-bacterial copper nano-tech 3d maskCopper nano-tach fabricKolon ATB-UV + Fabric3d Easy BreathingFasten with a strapWashable to reuse..
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: Mask
Anti-bacterial magic copper film maskKill 99% bacteriaCopper nano-tach fabric3d Easy BreathingFasten with a strapWashable to reuse..
Ex Tax:$10.34
Model: Sehr-i Sabun
The power of Argan Massage Oil is in the essential fatty acids that this oil is rich, which have a anti-inflammatory effect. This makes this oil so suitable for massaging sore muscles and stiff joints. At the same time, the massage stimulates blood f..
Ex Tax:$20.33
Model: Sprayer
Touchlesss & HealthierYou Can also Sterilize Other Objects within 12cm above the Sensor.Phone Charger Earphones Key Jewelry GlassesLightweight & Minimalist..
Ex Tax:$20.40
Model: Azoor Essential Clove
The Clove essential oil, or simply Clove Oil is known for its various qualities in the dental field as in perfumery.Diluted in a vegetable oil, it can be used for a relaxing massage …The Clove essential oil is recognized as an anti-infectious oil. It is used for oral problems, gums, sores.It is also..
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: Azoor Essential Cypress
Cypress essential oil is traditionally prescribed against spasmodic coughs, whooping cough, hay fever, and dry coughs. It can also be used to fight circulatory problems, such as heavy legs, and to promote lymphatic drainage...
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: Azoor Essential Jasmine
Jasmine essential oil is a powerful floral fragrance.this sums it up.Adorned by perfume makers, its scent, very pleasant and persistent, allows in diffusion a moment of well-being and appeasement.Its beautiful perfume is known in cosmetics for its benefits on the skin.Jasmin essential oil ..
Ex Tax:$8.98
Model: Azoor Essential Lavender
Lavender essential oil is well known to plant lovers. It is usable by all and has many properties that makes it the most versatile oil of all! In a diffuser, it leaves a pleasant and fresh fragrance which facilitates the relaxation and the well-being. It therefore makes itself indispensableLavender ..
Ex Tax:$9.52
Model: Azoor Essential Lemon
The health benefits of lemon essential oil have been well established scientifically. Lemon is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body and it’s widely used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, rejuvenate energy, purify skin, and fight bacteria and fungi...
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: Azoor Essential Oranger Blossoms
Orange Blossom Essential Oil is extracted from steam distilled orange blossoms. Orange blossom oil, also called Neroli oil, is well-known to possess great therapeutic properties and is widely used for medicinal purposes. It has a very fresh, sweet, citric, exotic aroma, that will delight you everyti..
Ex Tax:$8.16
Model: Azoor Essential PepperMint
PepperMint essential oil is refreshing, invigorating, calming, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, healing, facilitates digestion, purifies the skin, facilitates the cleansing of the respiratory tract...
Ex Tax:$13.06
Model: Azoor Essential Red Myrte
Natural Red Mytre Essential Oil..
Ex Tax:$11.15
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