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Best Shampoos for Healthy Hair

The modern life with its fast-paced environment is demanding of the modern woman trying to effectively steer through work vis-à-vis personal life. There is no time to deal with messy hair woes when on the prowl. Shampoos address a range of concerns under the sun from hair fall, dandruff, frizz, colour damage to excessive oily or dry scalp. Formulated with advanced ingredients they liberate tresses from the shackles of goop, grease and build-up, allowing hair to breathe again whilst packing life and shine back in them and rendering an overall gentle and soothing cleansing experience. Achieving the best hair begins with using the best shampoo that suits your hair type. The best shampoos not only cleanse your hair and scalp but also leave hair clean, smooth and manageable. Choose from the wide range of shampoos and masks that are specially created for Indian Hair. Pamper your strands with 5StarBazar range of herbal, paraben-free, sulphate-free, volumizing and moisturizing shampoos available online in India at best affordable prices.


What are the different types of shampoos?

Picking the right shampoo can be quite a daunting task. Hydrating, volumizing, smoothing, curling, color-safe, thickening - there are a variety of shampoos available in the market that are designed to designed to target specific hair issues depending on your hair type. To achieve healthy and gorgeous hair, it's important to know what type of shampoo will suit your hair and scalp. With a wide range of shampoos available online, we help you find the perfect match for your luscious locks.


Clarifying Shampoo: If you have greasy, limp and weighed down hair, this shampoo is your perfect pick. Known as ‘deep cleansing’ shampoos, these remove all sorts of unwanted residue from the hair. The main use of clarifying shampoo is to eliminate any dirt, oil and any product build-up that weighs your hair down. Make sure you follow it up with an intensive conditioning treatment.

Sulfate-free Shampoo: While most shampoos contain harsh chemicals like sulfates which are known to dry your hair out and strip off naturals oils, a sulfate-free shampoo with highly concentrated formula moisturizes, adds volume, and protects damaged, dry hair. These work great for color-treated hair.

Neutralizing Shampoo: The purpose of a neutralizing shampoo is to balance the pH levels of your hair. Quite frequently the pH balance of the scalp is shaken when excess chemicals, relaxants and styling products are used. A pH-balanced shampoo is mostly used after relaxation of hair and immediately after a chemical relaxer to help restore hair's natural pH preventing damage to the hair.

Voluminous Shampoo: As the name suggests, the shampoo is designed to add body and bounce to the hair. These shampoos usually do not deposit much conditioners, oils, or silicone on the hair. Instead, they clean the hair fairly well, and often contain ‘special’ ingredients that can deposit on hair to add friction at the roots and build volume.

Conditioning Shampoo: Also known as moisturizing shampoos, these hydrate, nourish and add moisture to the hair. With mild cleansing properties, conditioning shampoos are designed with natural oils and help improve hair manageability, add shine and luster to the hair.

Colour Protestant Shampoos: Colour Protestant Shampoos are usually also known as Sulphate-free shampoos. They are mild and do not strip the hair of its color. Some of these shampoos will have color boosters added to help revitalize the shades.

Dry Shampoos: The dry shampoo is ideal for those days when you do not want to wash your hair, but still want to eliminate grease and dirt. It is a powder-based shampoo, a small amount of which cleans your hair and absorbs excess oil and grease.

What are the different shampoos for various hair concerns?

Choosing a shampoo from the plethora of options at your disposal can be deal breaking. The right kind of hair shampoos with their lush formula fortify weak hair, quench brittle strands and are the elixir for treating and redeeming processed hair. Your pick of shampoos will depend and have a bearing on your hair and scalp type and the concern you’d like to address. Finding one that hits the right balance of oily and dry is the first step to luminous, beautiful hair.

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