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Deo & Body Mist

Model: Azoor Chamomile Hydrosol
Chamomile Floral Water is an anti-inflammatory hydrosol.It is an excellent active remedy for redness, irritation and allergic reactions.Astringent and rebalancing, Chamomile Floral Water purifies the skin and gives it back tone.Chamomile Floral Water is excellent care for sensitive, allergic or irri..
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Model: Azoor Lavender Hydrosol
Our Lavender Floral Water refreshes and restores skin damage.Lavender Floral Water calms and refreshes both your skin and your mind. Use this light and refreshing toner to restore clarity, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and bring healing and restoration to your skin.Apply daily to get maximum ben..
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Model: Azoor Orange Blossoms Hydrosol
Orange Blossom Hydrosol relaxes and soothes the skin.Neroli Water concentrates the benefits of orange blossoms to take care of your skin.It contains floral waters obtained by steam distillation.Its exotic fragrance releases the sweet and orange notes of the orange blossoms...
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Model: Azoor PepperMint Hydrosol
Peppermint hydrosol (also called floral water) is known to be toning, purifying, astringent and refreshing. It soothes redness, itching, irritation and fight against perspiration.Peppermint hydrosol is also indicated for the care of skin problems (pimples, red patches) but also to soothe the pains o..
Ex Tax:$10.06
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